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Hatch a plan and launch


Unleash your business and grow with the web

  • Knowledge and future-friendly principles


  • Powerful connected content management systems


  • Passion and experience


With Tinynow, you get:

  • A framework that lets you update content and add functionality as you need it
  • The ability to make changes yourself
  • A design that works on any modern web-enabled device – even some that haven’t been invented yet
  • An elegant, clean design that won’t look dated this time next year
  • Elegant, well-formatted code that is easy to upgrade and work with in the future
  • Search engine optimized content & copywriting services
  • A content strategy that will let you easily generate more attractive content in as little time as possible

Call or email me now & we’ll hatch a plan for you to start growing.

What some have said about Tinynow

Thank you Matthew Kreiling and Tinynow Design for spending so much time with me getting my website up and running. So great to work with someone that invests in more than just the technical and visual but takes a true interest in what messages I have for my clients, who I want my clients to be and how I want them to feel.

Erin LouisCPAAdvocate Accounting

The Family Support Center was looking for a flexible, knowledgeable, available, creative and solution-oriented website resource (that we could afford) when we first connected with you/Tinynow Design.  We feel that we’ve found all that in our working relationship with you.

Matt HornyakDevelopment DirectorThe Family Support Center

Matt got our website up and running on budget and on time with no issues or problems.  He is easy and fun to work with.  We didn’t pay him with chicken feathers or next year’s cherry harvest, we paid him with cold corporate cash.  Money well spent.

Paul ShepherdCompass Rose

If you want to be a part of the web design process and then take it over to manage and maintain yourself, I highly recommend Tiny Now.  Matt is one of my favorite professionals to work with; he’s knowledgeable, informative and he cares about his clients.  He really took the time to make sure I understood all the components, and he’s always there when you need him.

Thank you Matt!   You are absolutely delightful to work with, and the end result far exceeded my expectations.

Julie LaneJulie Lane Accounting Solutions

Matt helped us build a web site that is both user-friendly and simple to manage.  We were especially impressed with his reliability and professionalism.    He was able to deliver what we needed within a tight timeframe, and went the extra mile to make sure we were completely happy with the final product.  We highly recommend his work.

Melinda McCradyCommunications & Policy DirectorWashington State House Democratic Caucus



  • The Community Foundation of South Puget Sound
  • The Washington State House Democratic Caucus
  • Compass Rose
  • Rising River Farm
  • Thurston County Asset Building Coalition
  • GRuB (Garden-Raised Bounty)*
  • Family Support Center*
  • The Eastside Club Tavern
  • The Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County
  • Olympia Power & Light
  • Enterprise for Equity*
  • Frank Hesketh
  • Margaret Brost
  • Advocate Accounting

*Consulting clients – I help these clients market themselves on the web, but didn’t build their site.

WordPress – nerd tested

Your most valuable take-away will be your WordPress website. WordPress is a scalable open-source content management system. custom wordpress web design

  • Scalable means that it will grow with you, even if you grow bigger than sites like CNN or The New York Times, which use WordPress.
  • Open-source means it is created and supported by a community of nerds, a huge community of nerds.
  • A content management system or CMS, unlike many sites, allows non-nerds to upload, update, rearrange, or otherwise manage content.

Contact me and we can talk about how to make WordPress work for you and yours.

Content Strategy

There is an expression among internet marketers and others…content is king. It means that without the words, images, video and audio, your website design means nothing and will do nothing for your business. Creating quality content is usually a bigger challenge than building the website, but is often not considered when designing.

Content strategy means inventorying, analyzing, and organizing content. It means developing a plan to create and manage content. But first, it means defining why you are on the web in the first place.

The problems that a good content strategy can eliminate include:

  • Outdated content
  • Content that can’t be found
  • Broken links
  • A hodge-podge of visual styles
  • A hard to navigate site
  • Confusion about who should post what and when


Benefits of a good content strategy include raving fans, happy employees, and less reliance on the web guy.

Creating effective content is a lot of work. Let’s make it as easy as possible.

If your wondering, read more about why it is important to focus on content and how your web designer can help..

Responsive, Future-friendly Design

A responsive web design means that the layout and other aspects of the site change depending on what device is being used to view it.  People can access your site on phones, laptops, iPads, or refrigerators.

Future-friendly is a design philosophy that acknowledges and embraces unpredictability. It means reacting to today’s concerns but also building long-term value.

About Tinynow

Hello, my name is Matt Kreiling. I live in Olympia, Washington and I build powerful and good-looking custom websites using WordPress.

These websites last a long time. They are viewable on mobile devices. They are easy to use and maintain. They are designed to achieve goals.

In addition to developing your website, I provide the content strategy & training you need to thrive on the web.

If your company or organization, tiny or large, has the capacity for more sales and a broader reach, let Tinynow create the tools, systems & processes that you need to market yourself on the web.

My business is about creating beautiful custom WordPress websites, and preparing businesses and organizations to successfully market themselves on the web.

Tinynow is also about reducing dependencies, smallness of code, making small changes in your approach now for giant benefits in the future. The continuing growth of the web will make Now seem tiny, compared to the future.

Me, pointing to a sailing destination on the Puget Sound.

Me, pointing to a sailing destination on the Puget Sound.

Contact me today to find out how I can help you keep the future in mind.